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  • The Key to Capturing Your Vision

    Your Creative Brief


The brief is perhaps the cornerstone of any commercial photographic endeavour, time spent on it will be repaid many times over. It will become the blueprint for the project, defining what you would like shot, how you would like them shot, when, where, who and the final output format.

For many, this is not your first time working with a photographer, you have contacted theLIGHTWHISPERER because our style is in keeping with the campaign you have in mind. This will be second nature to you. For others starting out with commercial and product photography, please take some time and provide as much information as possible.

Initially we will need a list of core points, most are simple facts – when do you need the images – for others, it is advisable that you spend an hour with your marketing, design, sales and development team to agree a cohesive look for your campaign, we would be happy to participate if needed.

Depending on the final use of the images, you should have an idea of the format you would like the images delivered in. Your web designer and printer should be consulted. If you have seen images that you think are of a style that supports your campaign compile them into a sheet for future reference, Pinterest, Evernote, Taskworld etc., may help but pretty much any format will be just fine.

Once the basic information is completed theLIGHTWHISPERER will compile a final version, which when approved will be the basis for your shoot.

Time/date for the photography. This may be a window of time or a very specific slot.

Location. Most product photography is conducted at the secret lair of theLIGHTWHISPERER, if a location is required, additional time and budget should be allocated for scouting, travel, access, insurances, permissions and releases etc. A named person will need to be assigned to ensure that access and any site problems can be dealt with.

Amount of time that is available for the shoot. When will products/models/locations be available?

Type of shots required (any particular style – colour, black and white etc,). Stylesheet/moodboard are of great help here.

What/who to be included in shot.  A written description of exactly what you are after.  theLIGHTWHISPERER will have input but you need to be clear about what you are expecting.

Format for delivery of the shots. Please confirm with your web designer/printer.

Timing for delivery of the shots. What is your deadline?

Whether consent forms are needed (if so these should be provided). If you are sourcing models/property/artwork etc., releases will need to be furnished in advance.

Think about how you might use the shots aside from your original intent, if you specify that all shots be done in a portrait format for magazine use, then want to use them in your new landscape format brochure, it is far more cost effective to shoot both at once than to do a re-shoot.

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