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    Products, The People who build them, The Passions that made them do it, and the Planet we share with them.

Photographing People, their Products, their Passions  and the Planet we share.

Growing up with film and transitioning to digital.
Making photographs in preference to taking photographs.
Specialising in People, their Passions, their Products and our Planet  - work or recreational, but enjoying shooting almost anything.
Sculpting light from the sun in the sky, or of my own making.

Based in Brighton UK.

Commercial Advertising and Branding Photography
Business, Theatrical, Fashion and Motion Picture Headshots
Architectural, Automotive and Industrial Imaging

Since 1995.

Nose of the DJI Inspire 2 with its amazing camera it brings professional level filming to all.

Products, People and their Passions.

Your image, whether it's your face, what you make or what you do, is your brand.

Get in touch to discuss how that image can be put to use for you.

theLIGHTWHISPERER's Clients Include...