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Category : Portrait Photography

25 Mar 2012
A child blows bubbles in the golden sunlight.

If you go down to the woods today…

  Children, food, drink, cameras. Bad News! Not so. In the depths of West Sussex lies Highdown Gardens, with labyrinthine  pathways through lightly wooded gardens, little flowered clearings everywhere, there lay a picnic blanket. An invitation from the lovely Lel Hurst, a gorgeous spring Sunday, and the promise of yet more great company in the form of Sophie Moore, and Andy Wilson. Perfect. Four kids, dozens of cup-cakes, strawberries and a blanket covered with picnic accessories, all set in a secluded area. […]

22 Feb 2012
The bride and her second get ready for the bell. An icy glare on the bride's face says that she is ready to come out swinging.

Within this ring … I thee wed

The stage was set, the arena prepared. Sweating under the spotlights the Bride and Groom squared off. No handshake, just an icy glance. To their corners they marched. Seconds away. The bell, round one. They come out fighting… Set in the incredible, atmospheric boxing gym at Cheetah’s this styled shoot, the brainchild of the wildly talented Erika Szostak with Karlos Wayne and Andy Leates also behind the camera. Make-up, exquisitely applied by the gorgeous and super skilled Georgie ‘Bambina’ Brown-Felpts […]

16 Aug 2011
Fierce model on the worlds most twisted bench, on the beach in Littlehampton.

A Magazine Style Fashion Portrait Shoot – Urban Contrast

I have heard speculation that a collective of photographers should be known as a Gallery, or a Click (perhaps a play on clique), in this instance, and henceforth, I propose that photographers, en-masse, be known as a Mob;-), now that’s a good thing, for whilst there were lots of us, the creative buzz was truly electric. A ‘fun shoot’ organised and brilliantly executed by Laura Brennan, Emma Thwaites, Catherine Bulling, and David Bulling (check these guys out, if you’re in […]