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If you go down to the woods today…

A child blows bubbles in the golden sunlight.


Children, food, drink, cameras. Bad News!

Not so. In the depths of West Sussex lies Highdown Gardens, with labyrinthine  pathways through lightly wooded gardens, little flowered clearings everywhere, there lay a picnic blanket.

An invitation from the lovely Lel Hurst, a gorgeous spring Sunday, and the promise of yet more great company in the form of Sophie Moore, and Andy Wilson. Perfect.

Four kids, dozens of cup-cakes, strawberries and a blanket covered with picnic accessories, all set in a secluded area. Sunbeams rained down through overhead cover, the light catching on the wings of mirrored butterflies.

Often the hard part of any shoot is finding the light, it’s also the cornerstone. In this teddy bears hideaway, the shafts of light provided endless vantage points for my lens. Now to catch the kids as they ran, jumped, climbed and rolled through them. Opportunities were plentiful, whether hunting butterflies, hanging from the trees, admiring the flowers or going wild with cake, this photogenic foursome were fantastic.