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Product Photography and the Marketplace

Boosting Online Sales With Product Photography

We have all seen the lavish brochures, epic television commercials and supermodels gracing billboards.
We know that product photography, and cinematography, sells the things we use.
We know too that some of those campaigns cost many hundreds of thousands of pounds!
So what’s the point of trying to compete with the big names?

The New High Street.

Most businesses understand that online shopping has reshaped the retail landscape and that it is huge.
While it has changed how we shop, e-commerce is just getting started!
In July 2017 the UK online average weekly spend was £1.1 billion; an increase of 15.1% from the previous year. That is 16% of all retail purchases (except motor fuel) up from 14.5% in July 2016.

Surprisingly Small.

That represents a fairly small piece of the total retail market: only £1 in every £5 of retail expenditure is spent online.
The reason why e-commerce isn’t as popular as good old fashioned shopping is, according to many studies, simple.
It’s not the price, it’s not the tech, neither is it a lack of trust for online payment systems.

So what is it?

It’s love.
Oh, and hate, and fear and memories of walks at sunrise and sitting on a beach. It is emotion, or more accurately, it is the somatic marker hypothesis.
Basically our brains have learned certain responses to particular triggers and photographs of our products are ideally suited to trip those triggers.