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Product Photography

  • the building blocks of aspiration

    Images of Dreams


Once upon a time...

While flying cars remain absent from our daily commute, Century 21 has brought about many quiet revolutions. The sale and marketing of goods, particularly innovative, luxury and lifestyle products, brings a raft of new challenges - and a wealth of new opportunities.

Not so long ago we kicked the tyres of our new car, held the gemstone up to the light, and ran our hand oh so softly over the fabric of that new outfit. We now swipe, pinch and scroll.

This is the age we live in, think of the brands you use each day. Think of the brands you wish for on that special day. The chances are that in thinking of them, you saw in your minds eye, the images that they had crafted with you in mind.

Global e-commerce and centralised distribution, have on one hand robbed us of that tactility - on the other hand, they have given us images, on concrete, on acrylic, on paper and on screen. Building blocks for our aspirations, a visual matrix in which we can envision your product in our lives.

Controller gimbal in knurled metal


Building your portfolio of dreams - A rough guide.

With many years working with companies - large and small - here are some brief descriptions of the main uses I get requests for with product photography...

The high end image of a product, or range of products, these may be used for editorial, advertising, packaging, point of sale and public relations publication. These images are time consuming and require considerable experience to produce in a timely and consistent manner to recognised standards for the chosen medium/media. Understanding both light and shadow, and how they are placed to define and enhance the product is key. These images are often made against a seamless backdrop, or in an environment that the end-user might aspire to.

Consumer catalogue type imagery. Products photographed in such a way as to show the features, colours and options available in a product or range. Popular not only for catalogues, but for online and point of sales material. These images too may be depicted against a neutral backdrop or in an environment that the client can relate to. Capturing the products so that they accurately depict the product attributes, and show it in a flattering light, is again time consuming, and benefits from skill, experience and the appropriate equipment.

The parts cataloguing style. These are regularly used on auction and e-commerce sites as well as parts catalogues. These photographs are essentially the same image, or series of images, with different products against the same backdrop. Often a series of images will be captured showing different aspects of the product. Lends itself to large product lists because although a high level of technical skill is needed to set up, many products can then be shown with that plot. These images emphasise the accurate depiction of the product rather than showing it in a way that captures the clients’ imagination.

Whilst I have been long involved in photographing for the Tech/Broadcast/Media industries, more and more enquiries in other product photography sectors have come in since the early 2000's. The widespread need for high quality online images has been embraced by more local, artisanal and boutique businesses as the internet enables them to reach out to worldwide audiences.