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The City of Smiles – Brighton Children’s Parade 2013

New York has it’s iconic ‘heart’ logo, and is known, far and wide, as the Big Apple. Paris, with it’s part in the age of enlightenment, is The City of Light. On (at least) one day every year, for the past quarter of a century, Brighton is transformed into The City of Smiles.

Opening event for The Brighton Festival

As the opening event for The Brighton Festival, the Children’s Parade serves as a marker for good things to come.

Brighton, like Paris, is known for it’s art scene. One of the centrepiece jewels in the city’s artistic crown is The Brighton Festival, which between the 4th and the 26th of May this year, will wrap the city in colour, music, movement, and of course – smiles.

For the past 2 years, I have taken part in this parade; a side effect of parenthood, not mentioned by any midwife, and one for which I hope there is no cure.

In previous years, as a spectator, the parade was truly spectacular, but from within, the atmosphere; sights, sounds, the constant movement, and the expressions, from within and without, make this event magical.


This year 5000 children from 83 schools will participate. Themed costumes, activities, and stunning puppet like characters, crafted like paper Tiffany lamps, and carried above the heads of the children, and those who walked with them. As a photographer, the richness of all this was wonderful, I hope you enjoy too.


My thanks

To all of the children, their parents, their teachers, their schools, the organisers and of course The City of Smiles – Brighton & Hove; thank you, you were all fantastic.


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