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A Magazine Style Fashion Portrait Shoot – Urban Contrast

Fierce model on the worlds most twisted bench, on the beach in Littlehampton.

I have heard speculation that a collective of photographers should be known as a Gallery, or a Click (perhaps a play on clique), in this instance, and henceforth, I propose that photographers, en-masse, be known as a Mob;-), now that’s a good thing, for whilst there were lots of us, the creative buzz was truly electric.

A ‘fun shoot’ organised and brilliantly executed by Laura Brennan, Emma Thwaites, Catherine Bulling, and David Bulling (check these guys out, if you’re in their area and you simply must have great photographs they’re all amazing).

This shoot comprised twenty plus photographers, several amazing models, and a team of talented stylists. Officially this was in fact a Shoot-Up, no loud bangs, no blood, no clouds of cordite smoke hanging, like morning mist, over the landscape. Shoot-Up in this instance was the title afforded to a shoot organised under the auspices of ShutterRock, a new and refreshing, UK wide group of both pro and emerging photographers.

ShutterRock was born of the imagination of the incredible Jaz Ampah-Farr, a wonderful British photographer (Phonics Ninja and all-round cool person), who was inspired by the sense of community among American photographers, and the positive effect it was having on their work. For anyone who needs a photographer, those in ShutterRock are great, and perhaps more importantly they have a great network whose collective experiences can be brought to bear on any situation.

Thanks too go out to all involved:-

The models:- Robin Thwaites, Josh Tappin, Becka Milner, Tino Chiketa, Abi Mutitt, Georgie Brown-Felpts and Jess Ford, all of you were amazing. Thank you for smokin’ my sensor and rockin’ the riviera at Littlehampton.

The same for our awesome make up artists whose work covered the gamut and sizzled my synapses- Georgie Brown-Felpts and Sophie Reeve, I salute you.