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Within this ring … I thee wed

The bride and her second get ready for the bell. An icy glare on the bride's face says that she is ready to come out swinging.

The stage was set, the arena prepared. Sweating under the spotlights the Bride and Groom squared off. No handshake, just an icy glance. To their corners they marched. Seconds away. The bell, round one. They come out fighting…

Set in the incredible, atmospheric boxing gym at Cheetah’s this styled shoot, the brainchild of the wildly talented Erika Szostak with Karlos Wayne and Andy Leates also behind the camera. Make-up, exquisitely applied by the gorgeous and super skilled Georgie ‘Bambina’ Brown-Felpts Our models for the day took centre stage (or should I say ring), Steph, the Bride. Karl our Groom, and of course Kim, whose character injected a little mystery, was she the Bride’s second, her Matron of Honour, the Grooms lover, or the enigmatic referee? No one knows.

Thanks too to all at Cheetah’s whose boxing gym provided a suitably gritty realistic backdrop, the yin beside the yang of the beautiful models (sorry Karl I haven’t thought of a suitable superlative for you yet, I’m more known for quietly talking with strobes than for my cognitive abilities), and the sumptuous folds of the Bridal gown provided by Lel Hurst an amazing photographer herself, and who was originally scheduled to shoot with us, but was called away on a mission of mercy at the last minute.

Born of the imagination of Erika Szostak and loosely based on shoot by one of the all time greats Annie Leibovitz, this shoot was to depict the battle of the sexes, that is often the case in marriage, it shows too the fighting spirit needed to sustain a relationship, Erika’s blog tells the whole story that the pictures, from all of us, show. PhotoMadly Blog, read it!

2 thoughts on “Within this ring … I thee wed”

  1. Love the way you’ve written this up, Michael!
    You’ve definitely inspired me to keep learning about lighting and practicing it as well – I aspire to your skill. Whoever else is reading this – Michael truly is a genius with lighting.

    Was such a pleasure to work with you. Looking forward to doing it again 🙂

    • Erika, thank you for your comment. Everyone present deserves praise, not least of whom, you. The concept was yours, that and your ability to communicate that idea brought the whole shoot to life. It was a pleasure working with you, I look forward to the next one.